Omaha Web Design Insights: Creating Inclusive Websites for All

Omaha Web Design Insights: Creating Inclusive Websites for All

Designing for Accessibility: Inclusive Web Design for All - MediaSavior

Designing for Accessibility: Inclusive Web Design for All - MediaSavior

In the digital era, creating websites that are accessible to all individuals, regardless of disabilities or impairments, is not only an ethical responsibility but also a legal requirement. Accessibility should be a cornerstone of web design, ensuring that everyone can access and navigate websites and digital content easily. MediaSavior, a trusted digital media company, advocates for and implements inclusive web design practices in Omaha. In this article, we will explore the importance of designing for accessibility and how MediaSavior integrates inclusive design principles into their web projects.

The Importance of Accessibility in Web Design

Web accessibility refers to designing and developing websites and digital content in a way that enables people with disabilities to access and use them effectively. Here are key reasons why accessibility is crucial:

1. Equal Access to Information

By designing for accessibility, websites become accessible to individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have equal access to vital information, products, and services. Inclusive design helps bridge the digital divide, enabling everyone to engage fully with online content.

2. Legal and Ethical Obligations

Laws and regulations, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States, mandate businesses to make their digital platforms accessible to individuals with disabilities. Adhering to accessibility standards not only meets legal requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity.

3. Broadening Audience Reach

Designing for accessibility expands the reach of websites to a broader audience, including people with disabilities and older adults. Making websites inclusive allows businesses to tap into a significant market segment and potentially gain new customers or clients.

4. Improving User Experience for Everyone

Accessible design benefits all users, not just those with disabilities. By following accessibility guidelines, websites become more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and compatible with a variety of devices and assistive technologies.

MediaSavior's Approach to Inclusive Web Design

MediaSavior places a strong emphasis on accessibility in their web design projects. They integrate inclusive design principles and take the following approaches to ensure equal access for all:

1. User-Centered Design

MediaSavior starts by thoroughly researching their target audience, including individuals with disabilities, to understand their needs and preferences. They prioritize user experience to create intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate using various assistive technologies.

2. Compliance with Web Accessibility Standards

MediaSavior adheres to recognized accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), during the design and development process. They ensure that websites meet the criteria for accessibility in areas such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, text alternatives for images, and proper semantic markup.

3. Alternative Text and ARIA Attributes

MediaSavior includes descriptive alternative text for images, allowing screen readers to convey visual information to individuals with visual impairments. They also utilize accessible rich internet application (ARIA) attributes to improve the functionality and usability of web elements for users with disabilities.

4. Testing and User Feedback

MediaSavior conducts rigorous accessibility testing throughout the design process, ensuring that the websites they create meet the needs of diverse users. They also actively seek feedback from both individuals with disabilities and the broader user base to continuously improve accessibility.


Designing for accessibility is not only a legal requirement but also a fundamental aspect of inclusive web design. By embracing accessibility practices, businesses in Omaha can create user-friendly and inclusive websites that offer equal access to all individuals, regardless of disabilities or impairments.

MediaSavior, with their commitment to accessibility and expertise in web design, helps businesses integrate inclusive design principles into their web projects. By utilizing user-centered design, following web accessibility standards, incorporating alternative text and ARIA attributes, and testing rigorously, MediaSavior ensures that websites are accessible to all and provide an exceptional user experience.

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